After update 6.05 can not open MIXER F3

I have installed update 6.05 and after it , i can not load mixer, pressing F3 or from devices tab - no reaction.Program make “flash” like will open something, but nothing happening.
Thank you!

Do you have your virtual Keyboard on? If so then turn it off…

Cheers, Matze!

My virtual keyboard is off.
thank you

It may be off monitor. Are you on a Mac or PC?
You could brute force it by trashing your prefs.

Look to the slider at the bottom of the project window, it’s most likely off screen. Also, changing screen res. might be an option. Trashing Prefs doesn’t solve this one.

the key commands have changed
not good just means get used to the new ones or change them to your own

Thank you Mashedmitten, you were right!
The slider at the bottom ( in my case side slider) of the project window.I had to move side slider to down and there was my mixer :smiley:
But, why it was happened - i did not change resolution in my monitors, i only installed update.Before installation , when i pressed F3 - mixer was allways in front of all and now it somwhere underneath…

Any ways thank you a lot for " reopen " my eyes!

bleh, silly me. You are right, mixers are not independent windows. So, the answer is to use the scroll bars to find them. Sorry about that, should have read for context and not just skim for “can’t find window”.

Thank you guys, problem is solved !