After update to 12.0.50 midi controller has half resolution

I updated to 12.0.50 and my midi controller has now half resolution. Parameters jumps like it has 64 steps instead 127. Totaly unusable… I tryed to cerate new controller script, but nothing happends. I will spend another many hours to getting this thing to work instead to normaly work ?

After many many years I thinking to switch to another DAW… They release update but its worst than before… unbelievable.

Yep , i have this with the remote scripts ive made , which was only one . it’s as thou they are receiving on/off commands

There is solution how to fix it ? I tryed a lot but no luck…

I don’t know, i abandoned the script and went back to the old Generic remote i had setup for the QC controller .
Maybe someone else who knows the Remote app will chime in with a fix