after update to 8.5.1 vst peak all the time

after updating to 8.5.1 vst performance peaks and cracks all the time. Can I remove update somehow?

I don’t have windows 10 but if you can relate this from windows 7 then you should be all set.

Go to start menu, control panel, programs and features. On the left side there is a “Installed updates” place you can click on and uninstall from there.

Again, not sure if windows 10 has this. It probably does though.

Please report back if removing the update fixes the issue. I have been getting similar issues after installing the 8.5.10 update and maybe I will revert back to 8.5 too which seems to have worked better as far as performance goes. Thanks :slight_smile:

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thx i see it, but if i removed, will it go back to the version before?

thx i see it, but if i removed, will it go back to the version before?

Yes, you are uninstalling the update and not the program.

it sais wrong path when i try to remove it. I am afraid to remove it, because i am in a critical need of cubase to work atm… maybe i should just accept…

I haven’t used Windows 7 since the year Windows 8 came out, but those sound like instructions to uninstall updates for Windows, not necessarily Cubase.

I could be wrong and totally forgetting how Windows 7 worked.

No… software maintenance updates like those issued for Cubase can also be removed from there too. Just the update gets removed and it gets reverted back to the previous version.

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That is uncharted territory for me so I can’t recommend that you chance messing with it.

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I don’t know why this happens but seems to happen a lot with Steinberg product…the uninstaller is looking for the original installer to enable the install/uninstall of update.
Of course people might delete or move these to another drive after they update and then are unable to complete updates (or uninstalls of updates in this case)

I’ll have a look around for the fix if I have time…but I have a sneaking suspicion it requires a full installer (The 9Gb main version)

i will keep the update. Dont want to mess things up. thanks

You can run the update installer again and advance to the screen where it tells you what it will update in this version. You can select ‘uninstall’ and then scroll down the list to select each item you want to remove.

I had a simiar ssue with 8.5.
The 8.5.10 update has fixed it.

But I do notice that the VST meter now visually APPEARS as though it is easily going to peak at around 50 tracks into a large project but doesn’t increase any more as I add another 50 tracks beyond that to the project.

Now The export Popup window will sit at 0%, appearing that nothing is happening for about the first 3-4 minutes of a huge project and then suddenly it will jump to where it should be. The export however, is fine, with no dropouts.

You may want to check with the VST manufacturer to get the latency of your VST instruments and effects.
To me it sounds like you’re trying run realtime into very high latency VSTs without increasing the buffers.

Have you checked to ensure that you are using 64 bit VST 2.4 or VsT3 versions of your instruments and effects? Using Some of those in 32 bit versions will have undesirable performance effects on your system.

I have resolved one of the “main” peaks that constantly and regularly went into the “red” zone every few seconds by disabling / removing the HDMI audio interface on my Geforce GTX960. The “dpc latency checker” and “latency mon” are 2 great tools for pinpointing the drivers that can cause these audio problems. Unfortunately I still got one audio drop out last Saturday so I probably have to do a bit more work but all the pops and crackles cause by the peaks are now gone.

M-Audio Delta 1010, Asus M5A97 rev1, AMD Fx-6300, 16Gb Crucial PC3-14900, nvidia GeForce GTX 960, win7 pro 64bit

RealRaven, I see that we have almost identical setups:

Yours - M-Audio Delta 1010, Asus M5A97 rev1, AMD Fx-6300, 16Gb Crucial PC3-14900, nvidia GeForce GTX 960, win7 pro 64bit

Mine - 2 M-Audio Delta 1010’s, 1 M-Audio 1010lt , Asus M5A97 plus, AMD Fx-6350, 16Gb Kingston HyperX PC3-1866, MSI R5450-MD1GD3H/LP Radeon HD 5450, win7 pro 64bit

I was just about to abandon my Delta’s with all the problems I was encountering. Not just pops & clicks, but distortion after recording for several minutes. I ultimately found the source of many of my problems was in the BIOS. You may want to research that area and disable anything that throttles the system.

I know my reply is a bit late, but I just upgraded to CB9 pro and my ASIO meter is way up there with just a few VSTi’s, though this behavior is not constant.
What tweakings have you made to your BIOS?
I have a Asus Z-97A, i5 4th gen, 16 GB RAM and ATI radeon HD 4800, win 7 64 bit Ultimate
Also, can I manage to put 2 1010lt’s in my machine? I’ve done it with cb 5 (very unstable) but afaik M-audio says their Win7 drviers do not support multiple cards.
Thanks a lot in advance for your help, I’m pretty desperate…