After update to Cubase 10, I crash on load roughly 80 percent of the time

Can anyone spot the issue? Is there a quick fix? This is getting silly.

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Here’s the most recent as of today. This was six crashes in a row, and I still can’t open Cubase.
Cubase 10_2019-01-01-174027_Codys-Mac-Pro.crash (111 KB)

I sure would like to know that someone’s actually looking into this.

Here’s three from just now.
Cubase 10_2019-01-06-140522_Codys-Mac-Pro.crash (984 Bytes)

Number two.
Cubase 10_2019-01-06-140444_Codys-Mac-Pro.crash (984 Bytes)

Number three. Note, I’m at 100% crash rate today. Not too terribly pleased about this.
Cubase 10_2019-01-06-140405_Codys-Mac-Pro.crash (984 Bytes)

Yay Cubase 10…

Seriously? No one has any suggestions?

same issue here. i was setting up the bass gear cubase 10 was doing nothing, and just crash. crash whit no aparent reason. I have cubase 10 artist and today in two hours crashes three times…

i using cubase on windows…