After update to Halion Sonic 7 , all sound disappear!

I am use MAC OSX 12.6.8.
After updating to Halion Sonic 7, all sounds have disappeared!

They are still in their original location, /Application Support/Steinberg/Content/VST Sound/,
and they are correctly listed in the Library Manager.

However, they are simply not appearing in Halion Sonic.
I have already reinstalled Halion Sonic 7.0.10 Instrument multiple times,
and reinstalled Halion Sonic SE 3- Content as well.

But it’s not working.
How can I resolve this situation?

Please help.

I have activated the HalionSonic 7’s free license use Steinberg Activation Manager.
and reinstall HalionSonic 7 from Download Assistant,

After installation ,
HalionSonic 7 could start and I check the license is FULL.
Seems no problem,

But , it just no any instrument sound list in HalionSonic.
Just Empty.

did you manage to fix this? i have the same problem.

Same problem here… all showing nicely in Lib Assistant, all showing nicely in Halion 6. I don’t own a full version of Halion 7, so Cubase is swapping out instances with Halion Sonic 7. Shouldn’t make a difference right?

This is on a MacBook M2 Max, Ventura OS…

edit - ok, managed to get this working by manually dragging the presets into Halion Sonic 7 from Mediabay whilst in Cubase. You can find the relevant folders for each Halion instrument that’s missing, select all presets at once and then drag to Halion Sonic 7. It will then categorise them etc.