After "upgrading" from D4 to D5 I still see D4 alongside D5 in my applications

Today I downloaded and installed Dorico 5.1 as an upgrade from Dorico 4.

However in my applications folder on mac I still see Dorico 4.
Is this normal?


I’m kind of new to the mac environment so I don’t know if upgrades should normally remove the old application (I would expect Dorico 4 to be automatically removed after a succesful installation of 5.1)

Haven’t started up Dorico 5.1 yet, don’t want to create a mess if something went wrong with the installation.

Also I didn’t find anything that resembles the Iconica sketch library in the content folder:

Where should I normally find it?

(I’m from the old generation that still likes a bit of file management hygiene and wants to know folder/file locations :wink: )

D4 and D5 are totally separate applications.

You should normally find it within the HALion Player, or within the Steinberg Library Manager app.

You can look for it in the Content folders, but that’s not the easiest place to rummage around.

Did you Install everything in the Steinberg Download Assistant?

As said, each major version of Dorico is a separate app, and can co-exist on the same system. (Don’t launch them both at the same time, though!)

When you first start D5, it will take the prefs from your D4 folders, so don’t delete them first.

Thanks @Estigy and @benwiggy, good to know these are separate applications.

I opened 5,1, so far so good…