After upgrading to Cubase 10.0.5 Random high scratching noices appears


Perhaps it`s my Steinberg UR28M that starts to get unhealthy, but after upgrading to 10.0.5 I get these super high scratchy noice (a output signals become red) randomized - Works with other audio output as long as I do not start Cubase however.

A little rant:

  1. Checking the checkbox in the picture below do not work - never has.

  1. When Cubase chrash in stead of loading my project (=Reboot and restart) I get like a million error messages (Each with a beep), one will suffice:


Actually my BAD - was still on 10.0.40 - purchased 10.0.5 + installed.

I did however “see” that the UR/Yamaha driver got installed (updated).

… And Cubase v10.0.5 chrashed on the first attempt to open my current project, way to go guys :smiley:

ChrashDump file …

Anyhow, wish you all a Happy New year :slight_smile: