After upgrading to nuendo 13 I hear clicks in the audio playback

In Nuendo 13, when I playback audio files in a project created in Nuendo 12, I hear clicks in the audio.
When playing the same project in Nuendo 12 this does not happen.
This is a small project.
The performance monitor indicate lots of headroom for both 12 and 13. Very similar readings.
Audio system setup is the same.
What can be the problem?

I run a windows 10, 32Gb, i7 Intel.


Could you test your system by using LatencyMon utility, please?

Try to increase your Audio Deviceæs Buffer Size, please.

Thanks, I will try LatencyMon.
The buffer size I tried to change all the way up to 2048 samples. That did not change anything. But I guess that this would not explain the N12 works fine without clicks.

I ran LatencyMon for 13 minutes and readings seems fine. However, I can still not even import a wave-file and playback without clicks and pops.


Nuendo 13 might be a bit more CPU hungry.

I thought I noticed a pattern where screen glitches seemed to come together with clicks, so I decided to upgrade some drivers including Nvidia. Now the issue seems to have disappeared.
I cannot be certain, so I will use the system for a couple of days to see, if I got lucky.

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