After using ARA Melodyne on a track - cannot then record to the same track

Hi. I have discovered that I cannot record to an audio track that has had any part of it transferred to melodyne via the ARA extension.

Here is a video of the problem. I get the recording dropout error message.

This occurs in cubase 10 and 10.5 with the most recent melodyne version (4.02.0401)

Can anyone else get this as a repeatable issue?


Just to add this is on a Windows 10 machine.
A friend could not repeat this on his Mac so I wonder if it is a problem unique to Windows?

I have put in a support ticket for this issue as its making drop-ins mid session on previously used tracks impossible.

No reply from tech support as of yet (8 days ago)- I know they are probably inundated with many requests.

Has anyone else got this issue or could test it out on their windows machine for me?



Is Steinberg support functioning at the moment?

I’m having the same thing on Mac, Cubase 11, Melodyne 5.1.x. I wrote to melodyne and they claimed “they can’t imagine how melodyne would be involved here”.