After W7 Update - Cubase 6.5 stoped working

Hi everybody!

Today i did update on my PC and after restart pc i can not open Cubase!!!
Cubase strats open, loading mixers… and on the middle of loading pop up error mesage . cubase 6 stop working ( Cubase6 dejo funcionar in spanish)
now i do not know what i can do???

It is so frustrating… it is make me soooooooo angry!!! PHAK! :imp:

I do not blame Steinberg, just want advice you guys be careful with windows updates.
If somebody mind this is the list of last Windows7 updates i have made :


I Hope you will have more luck with W7 updates!


Install latest eLCC.

Thank you GUITMAN
I have last eLicenser.
Normaly i try to keep my pc , cubase and it related programs in last updates.
and sometimes it is working against of us…

I keep working to revive my Cubase.

Yeah, but it might need re-installing.

Finally… it working

  1. uninstall all last windows updates that i did today

restart pc

  1. try to strat up cubase - not open

restart pc

  1. launch windows updater again and star update again

updater found ONE PHAKN update more that was not in list before , so there were 6 updates , not 5

  1. restart pc, and try to open cubase again with finger crossed and all prays sing to all possible Gods…

5)HALLELUJAH - cubase open!

thank you GUITMAN for your attemp to help me!