after years I give up and will ask for help!

I’ve used cubase since the Atari days. I can calculate the tempo of audio using tap tempo and my ears/eyes, but I’d really like to know if there is a lazy way of doing it and keeping live samples with fluctuating speeds locked to a fixed BPM. I’ve googled, searched YouTube and all I can find is how to make Cuba’s BPM follow the samples tempo, not the sample follow the projects tempo.

Thanks in advance, eric

There is a process called Set Definition from Tempo, where after you have created a tempo map (Tap Tempo, Time Warp, etc.), you can marry Cubase audio to the variable tempo track. From there, once you vary the project tempo, Cubase audio will follow.

It’s in the manual, in the Sample Editor chapter, iirc, also may be one of the links in my Sig.

Good luck, once you’ve done it once or twice it’s pretty easy, post back if questions!

Thanks for your reply.

I will have to read back over this with Cubase open to have a look. At the moment it makes no sense! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.


Hi again,

Sorry to be a pain and I don’t want to seem lazy (even though I mostly am), BUT, a youtube tutorial (even on accurate tempo detection of a steady song) would be helpful at this stage. I’ve tried audio detection and it’s ropey with all tracks I’ve tried. I must be doing something wrong and I’m sure it would be a handy skill for the future. I don’t understand how other programs can calculate tempo/key etc so easy and yet I’m stumped in Cubase and have always done things manually.

Any help is appreciated.

Check this out. They discuss both setting tempo from audio and conforming audio to fixed tempo.

. . . yep, same with me: Why is the tempo detection not that easy as the Samplitude Remix Agent does, stepping towards all neccessary functions:

Or that easy as EVERY cheaply DJ-software does?! The tempo detection is still very poor and frustating even in Cubase 8 pro, when you have longer audio-files.

Steinberg, your turn? :wink: