Aftertouch not working properly in CB 11.0.0

If I record some midi which includes aftertouch, it records fine, and plays back fine. For example…


But if I edit the aftertouch data using the newish curves facility, the aftertouch does not follow the curve, but jumps between the nodes on the curves. So you hear the aftertouch being deployed in abrupt steps rather than the expected smooth curve. Surely this is not right?


List editor jsut shows the nodes as expected. So is there something I need to enable to make it interpolate the curves?

Is this expected behaviour or rather, a bug?

Jeez. These new forums really aren’t working are they.

The forums are working okay. As a longtime user, you must observe that not getting a response to your post here is no different than on the old forum.

If you zip and upload a cpr with with that midi track there’s more of a chance someone will give it a try, (like me) and then confirm and make a report.