AG DSP Controller can't communicate to Yamaha AG03

I have the Yamaha AG03 connected to my PC and installed the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver and the AG DSP Controller. The AG03 is working on my PC and the USB driver shows the device “AG06/AG03” is connected. However the DSP Controller can’t communicate with the AG03 and says it has been disconnected.

When I searched for a solution I found some people saying the got it to work when they turned the AG03 on after they started the DSP Controller but this doesn’t work for me. I also tried deinstalling the Driver and the Controller, restarted the PC, installed the driver, restarted again, installed the software and still the same error.

The strange thing is that it worked without a problem when I installed it the first time. I deinstalled the Controller later and now that I installed it again I only get this error. Anyone any idea how to fix this?


Same here, I managed to fulfill similar functions with the new “AG Controller” , which I initially thought was only meant for MK2 units, but actually is not:

“AG Controller is a software application that allows you to control the DSP functions of the AG03MK2, AG06MK2, AG03, AG06, and AG01 from your Windows / Mac / iOS device via USB connection”

It’s the new driver. I also have this problem and google was not helping. someone from douyin said to use older driver.


click on first result.

scroll down and download version 2.0.3

disconnect AG03 to prevent reboots, then remove the driver from your computer, then install version 2.0.3, then connect AG03.

got mine working.

Hello. After installing old drivers the device does not work, can you tell me what I can do?