Again! another update full of new glithces

Initially updated to 13.0.20 had to go back to the original 13 cause there were major glitches, now I tried 13.0.30 and low and behold a bunch of new glitches have appeared.

Repeat Events window, where you type in how many times to repeat a part, the box is grey and you can’t type in anything. You have to quit the project and open again for it to work again.

Mediabay window, on the left File Browser section, where folders appear, I used to only have my external drive with samples. Now, while working on a project, suddenly my Cubase project folder pops on the list. As if that’s not weird enough, it pops a second folder (the same folder), and another one, and another one, where I have like just a bunch of the same folder appearing there.

Another glitch … can’t seem to hide/open the low zone section of Cubase. I have to quit the project and open again.