Aggregate device - mess with input names

So I have created an aggregate device merging Focusrite Scarlet 4/4 and Zoom H6, with a goal to have 10 physical inputs.
Aggregate device is synched and of the same sample rate.
however once i opened empty project, and switch from Focusrite to Aggregate device, there was total chaos.
My external instrument inputs were rerouted.
Audio connections show only zoom labeled inputs, although in AD settings you can clearly see what is what.
All channels were called H (number, starting from zero to 10).
I had to try it out input by input and figure out this rogue naming scheme.
However, now everything is set up and working.
Focusrite is sending MIDI as well, and i have 10 inputs plus Scarlets computer loop.
i know i could ve just went on and bought Behringer Uphoria with 20 ins for 180 quid but i hate having gear sitting on shelves.


Just for your info, Aggregate Device is not supported by any DAW vendor, because of syncing issues.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I am fully aware most DAWs do not support Aggregate devices officially (I think Ableton is), but synching issue is easy to sort now - in aggregate device there is sync box that clocks all devices.
I mean i know official policy is “go and buy bigger audio interface” but i really feel stupid having these two small ones basically sitting there, when they are providing me 10 inputs, just enough for what I need. Until i get my Fireface back, this is working.


The Sync box is in the Aggregate Device for years already, but unfortunately it doesn’t do the job as far as I know.