Aggresive Dance track, all with Cubase!

We just finished working on this track and were very satisfied with the results. Everything was made with the Cubase pluggins and instruments. Special thanks to Retrologue for sounding so damn good!

Hope you dance music fans like it! :smiley:

This sounds really good, especially for using just the vsti’s included in Cubase.To me the only thing to address is the repetition in parts and possibly bringing in a new sound Steiny should license this track for promo use.

Thanks man! I appreciate the comment. Definitely wouldn’t mind if Steinberg made me an offer :laughing:

Yeah…sounds ok ( you’ve done well with the Cubase stuff ) but I agree with Mr M…lot of repetition goin on and no real tune to latch on to…Kevin

Appreciate the comment! When you say there is “no real tune to latch on to” are you talking about melody or about arrangement or something else? Do you think it is something that is missing or something that has too much of?

We’ll take in any feedback!

Basically I would consider what you have as a very good backing track for a song, I don’t mean to be hard but out there in the pop/club/dance world it’s about songs, I know there are always exceptions to a rule but generally speaking it’s about songs…or a very strong catchy line, synth/piano/guitar…whatever…put a tune and a lyric on there and you’ve really got something, if somebody can whistle the tune they’ve just heard your getting somewhere, best to you, Kevin

I take it that when you say “song” you are referring to lyrics. In that case, yeah we left it pretty open to interpretation. The song is part of a portfolio we are working on to showcase to local artists who are interested in collaboration. We felt that attaching a theme or lyrics would take away from that.

A song isn’t just “lyrics” …it’s also a tune which I also referred to in my comment, I think this is the first time I’ve heard someone say that a theme ie 'tune" or lyrics would take something away from a piece of music, maybe I’m missing something regarding your aims with this piece and I mean no disrespect…just trying to help a fellow muso…good luck with it and any future stuff, Kevin

No disrespect at all man, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I think you just misinterpreted my post. In no way I think lyrics or theme would take away from a song. What I said is that it would take away from the creative liberty of the other artists we are trying to collaborate with. If we give them a subject then that is already something they have no creative input on.
We are not singers or songwriters so we feel our songs are better left open to the interpretation of other musicians who are better off in these areas.

Sounds good to me mate, nice effort :slight_smile:

The production on it sounds good and clear. I think introducing some more electronic sounds for colour as it progresses would be better. I actually really like the main hook part staying on the same chord and then the faster changes, but it stays on that same first chord for a bar too long. That’s my main criticism. My ears expect the chord changes to come in a bar earlier to have the desired affect.

I also liked the way it built back up into it around 3/4.

Yeah, reckon I misunderstood your aims…sorry about that and good luck with your project…Kevin

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening man, glad you think it sounds clear. We spent some time making sure everything fitted well together.

I know what you mean about the riff, though. Its a little tricky one since its actually an 11/4 odd time signature. The thing is that its playing over the 4/4 on the drums so it kinda tricks you into thinking its a 4/4. I tried bringing that little hook a bar earlier but it would change the whole feel of the riff so I opted to leave it like that.

I can see how it might sound odd though, since our ears are so used to the 4/4.

I’ve always loved the Perfecto sound; for me it’s quintessential traveling music. Although I’m pretty much a dilettante, it seems to be the two underlying techniques of this music are repetition with subtle changes, and break sections. You nailed both of these I think :sunglasses:

Nice work! Very clean!

This is totally 100% NOT my kind of music, and yet I am fascinated by it and the production of it. In this particular case I think you made something pretty cool, and I really liked the way it drops out and fades back in at certain points - that’s a cool effect.
Really cool man, I’d be proud if I could make something like that.