Aggressive collision-avoidance by rehearsal marks

I’m noticing interesting undocumented behaviour by rehearsal marks. I think the only “non-default” thing I’ve done in the attached score is set “Position of rehearsal mark at start of system” to “Left-aligned with systemic barline”.

There are three rehearsal marks in the attached score, all at the starts of systems.
Letter A is where Dorico wants to put it, about 3pts higher than I’d like. I think it’s trying to avoid the chord symbol that’s frankly nowhere near it.
Letter B is 3pts lower than where Dorico wants to put it - I manually changed the Y offset in the Rehearsal Marks panel.
Letter C is where Dorico and I agree - it’s exactly where it ought to be, but Dorico’s only putting it there because there isn’t a chord symbol on the first beat of bar 17.

Talking of bar 17, I had to count all the way from bar 11! It appears that when one sets rehearsal marks to be “left-aligned with systemic barlines” the bar numbers disappear. I would expect there to be a blue box with some explanatory text in Engraving Options, if not the option to override this behaviour.
Rehearsal (418 KB)

I might have spent too long writing a silly song and not spent long enough investigating the settings, because (having investigated a little further) I see that under LAYOUT options the Bar Numbers category has a tickbox to “hide bar numbers at rehearsal marks”, and actually if that’s unticked then rehearsal marks seem to be put in a sensible place in order to avoid colliding with the bar numbers.

That raises two questions:

  1. Why do bar numbers still appear when that box is ticked, in bars with a rehearsal mark when the rehearsal mark is set “to the right of clef and key signature”?
  2. Why do rehearsal marks try to avoid colliding with non-existent bar numbers?

Sorry to steal your thread, Leo, but I have one related remark:
3. The ‘hide bar numbers at rehearsal mark’ option doesn’t seem to apply to bar number changes. This would be helpful. Especially since these bar numbers tend to overlap rehearsal marks. Only way I can get around it is by moving the bar numbers manually in every layout

Would you really want rehearsal marks to hide bar number changes? I kind of feel as though bar number changes always need to be obvious, no?

In general, I agree. But for instance if the bars are numbered 0a, 0b, 0c, 1 and I have a rehearsal mark at 1, I might want to hide the bar number.
However, the biggest problem is that they collide (that’s on of the very few things I’ve had to clean up at all in Dorico :smiley: )

You have to do it in every layout, unfortunately, but you can manually hide any bar number. Or maybe that’s what you meant.

Leo, concerning the issues outlined in your first post in this thread, I believe you will find that the rehearsal marks are all positioned vertically where you want them to be in Dorico 1.1.10 – please let me know if not.

Regarding the questions in your second post:

  1. Bar numbers still appear when the rehearsal mark is at the start of the system if they are not going to collide. We thought it looked weird to hide the bar numbers on those systems when the rehearsal mark is well out of the way, i.e. to the right of the fixed preamble.

  2. I don’t believe they do – perhaps you can attach a simple example that demonstrates this problem.

Dan, I’m afraid it’s still a “no”.

I just copied and pasted everything from the file at the top of this thread into a new file, in Dorico v.1.1.10. I’d attach the new file to this thread but its size has inexplicably ballooned to 2.3 megabytes (from ~450 kilobytes). Regardless, the file attached to the top of the thread does the same job.

The aggressive collision avoidance I previously mentioned is still at play. In a bar that with a rehearsal mark, text placed above the first beat of the top staff causes the rehearsal mark to jump a few points north of where I’d otherwise expect it to be.

My cursory testing indicates that chord symbols, Shift-X text, Shift-Alt-X text and dynamics affect rehearsal mark placement, but NOT tempo text.

Rehearsal marks drawn aligned with the systemic barline currently still avoid things that are at the position where they would normally draw, i.e. to the right of the clef. We’ll have to try to fix this up at some point, but I’m not sure when.

Just curious if this is still on any priority list. The placement of rehearsal marks is probably the thing that causes me the most manual editing time these days.

If we’ve said in the past that we would do something, but we’ve not yet released a version with that change in it, then by definition it is still on our list. But I can’t say anything specific about when it might be addressed.