ah - here we go again. Daylight savings...

…and rescanning of plugins. Oh well…time to go make another cop of coffee.

yep :stuck_out_tongue:

More light in the evening though :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah! Summer days ahead! :sunglasses:
still curious though … why or what’s the point of the rescan? :slight_smile:

Same here. Makes me wonder why Cubase does that but Wavelab doesn’t.

Related: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=20442

I did the ten second google for you lazy moaners.

Don’t thank me. It’s what professionals do before they kick off. :mrgreen:

Here in Arizona USA we have all the daylight we need and don’t bother to save it.

I could be wrong and often am, but I highly doubt this is the problem.

If Steinberg developers are using an unpatched (not likely) version of Visual Studio 6 (quite old at this point), I’ll eat my hat.

According to the KB article you linked to, it was fixed in Visual Studio 6.0 service pack 3 in 2007.

Visual Studio 6 was introduced in 1998 and there have been 5 versions since then.

Fwiw - come the autumn - disabling automatic time update in Win7 and doing it manually doesn’t cause the rescan in Cubase. Just tried it after catching that earlier thread in time.

That was doing 10 seconds google. The point was that anyone can do the same and find out more other than griefing about here blaming Cubase for all the ills under the net without having definite proof by actually doing basic research first.
I’m not prepared to do more than the complainers could do easily themselves.

I don’t see why this should be anything other than a Cubase issue.
I brought it up too but dropped it sensing no-one was bothered. If it really is necessary, for whatever reason, could the errors please be trapped and displayed in a log after start up instead of firing off pop-ups? As it is I can’t even go for a cuppa because of all the user input required, at the end of which there’s no permanent record (that I’m aware of) of what needs fixing.

I don’t see why this should be anything other than a Cubase issue.

Erm because other people have the same problem with DIFFERENT software all over the net.
2 minute scan twice a year and we get the screaming abdabs? Get a grip fellas.
And gellas.
Sweep the studio of all the winter toast crumbs. :mrgreen:

Apologies for my ignorance. I didn’t see any problems with other software mentioned in this thread.

I don’t see anyone screaming here. Get a grip yourself. And while you’re at it, is there anything else you dont want us to talk about? :unamused:
It might not be a issue for you but with previous versions of NI Komplete and Automap wrapped duplicates it’s a good 15 minutes in my case. Long enough to have lost the thread.

Ahhhhh…the summer sunset. Inspiration for 1,000 songs. :slight_smile: