Ahhh! So THIS is how its done!


Now where is that handbook for my new bluray player…



There was a topic started by Steve
Your Songwriting - Autobiographical or Fictitious?
So Elton’s answer would be Instruction Manual :smiley:
And I am struggeling with my song for about a day allready. Turns out I’m just stupid :smiley:

yep, we’re all working to hard. So is it about content or delivery? :confused:


Great stuff! :laughing:

Here’s another: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB3MwB2F-wU

You can say what you want, but he’s a gifted musician.
I’m a fan of his older work.

So … obviously Elton John can sing out of the phone book, if he wants to.
Now … I wonder what Bernie Taupin (EJ’s lyricist since the 60ies) is thinking?
" Damn, I hope they won’t starting to scrutinize my stuff … :astonished: "


Brilliant! He’s not a Pop Icon for nothin’ you know

I have never quite understood why “the critics” have always trashed Elton. I would be very proud if his ouevre where my own.

He’s too good, always made it look easy and was over exposed. I always had great respect for his talent, but didn’t always care for the music, a taste thing.

Listen to “Funeral for a Friend” from Yellow Brick Road. That is Elton at his instrumental finest. What a great band they were too…

Yeah, me too. Elton (& Taupin) in the 70’s … churned out a ton of great songs.


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was released in 1973, so what you both said! But Honky Chateau (1972) was fine also. Though my musical tastes will always lean towards instrumentals, the combination of those two guys’ talents was quite remarkable as prolific song creators. Kicked off my teen years listening to some of that stuff!

Not to mention the albums “Elton John”, “Tumbleweed Connection”, “Madman Across The Water”, “Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player”, “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy”, “Rock of the Westies” (<- That was a dud!), “Blue Moves” …

It was kinda downhill after that I reckon, although there were a handful of stand out songs from the 80’s releases though some of the albums I thought were dreadful - “Leather Jackets” , “Reg Strikes Back” (yeah right!). A couple of the 90’s albums I found were OK - “The One” and “Made In England”. 21st century album releases have had a spattering of ok songs amongst them. I haven’t heard “Peachtree Road” nor the new collab “The Union” with Leon Russell… yet.


Elton is a musical genius. I’ve always been a fan.

Is Elton John really about albums, though? For me he’s always been one of the great singles artists.

I made out with my first girlfriend on a school roadtrip to the tune of Elton’s version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” which I still think is better than the original

Reading your list, which clearly reveals that you’re a fan, makes a lot of sense having heard much if not most if not all of your own tunes.

Has anybody heard his latest album, the collab with Leon Russell? It’s supposed to be great. I need to check that out.

Earth Wind and Fire’s version of ‘Got to get you into my life’ is far better than the original too. Beatles Boys wrote some fantastic songs but others are better performers

IMHO :slight_smile:

And we all know what “Brown Dirt Cowboy” means :wink:

I checked some early Leon Russell stuff out on youtube - it became immediately obvious that he was a HUGE influence on EJ - particularly on albums like “Tumbleweed” , “Madman” etc.

The new CD “The Union” promises to be a a return to that era. There’s some clips on youtube if you want to preview the album.