AHK: Is there a way to avoid flickering when handling windows?

I finally cracked and decided to drink the bitter cup and start looking into AutoHotKey to better control Cubase. (Not as much pain as I thought it would be, by the way.)

I have made a script to quickly change keycommand presets. It works like this:

-When I press Shift+F10, AHK presses Shift+F12 (which opens up the Keycommands page), then presses some letters that select preset b from the drop-down preset list, and presses enter.

-When I press Shift+F9, it follows the same steps, but it selects preset a.

It works beautifully. The only thing that isn’t beautiful is the window that momentarily pops up, selects presets, applies and closes again. I’ve tried setting sleep as low as I can without AHK screwing up.

Is there a more elegant way to do this, and avoid having the window pop up all the time?