AHK macros - Vertical Zoom, Shift earse tool

didn’t find it in forum, maybe someone also need it.
first of all, i’m beginner in AHK :smiley:
Vertical zoom

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe Cubase9.exe
lalt & WheelUp::
Send {SC22}

lalt & WheelDown::
Send {SC23}

when Left Alt holded, use your mouse wheel up/down to zoom verticaly.
in Cubase you MUST assing:
G - Zoom In verticaly
H - Zoom out verticaly.

Hold Left Shift to delete notes in piano roll

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe Cubase9.exe
Send, {sc6}
KeyWait lshift
*LShift Up::
Send, {sc2}

When you press Left Shift automaticaly use erase tool, when unpress Left Shift you switch back to 1

if you need change keys, re-assing in Cubase key command keys you want, then use this picture to find your keys

Maybe I’m missing something here, but an eArse tool sounds like a digital process too far! :open_mouth:

oh, thank you for remark. i mean Erase tool :laughing:
sorry for my english :blush:

I gathered that, but could not resist a moment of humour.