AI in music making

Got a commercial for this today. I don’t know how good it is, but by time, this type of software will be a problem I think. Even if I make a fantastic track, maybe no one will believe I made it in the future, everyone will think it is AI generated? Think of that frustration, you create a new “Here Comes The Sun” and no one think its all you?

Nice, but the development of musically generative AI goes hand in hand with the testing and recognition of audio with regard to AI-generated parts, which in turn uses AI as the primary expert. This is absolutely necessary in order to establish a reliable legal situation (copyright!), and it will come. So I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Feel free to write your HCTS, I’m already curious :slightly_smiling_face:.

Is it that Unison the ones that have these annoying adds about those dumb midi packs?

Anyway, until today, about all AI generated music that I listened to, I can say, yes, it is unbelievable what it can do, from a technical point of view but, is that music I would listen too? Never in life, it is (for me) generic, lame music, same thing 1000 times listened, with zero musical interest, for me, at least. If you show me a master work from you I will believe you immediately. Who knows in the future, but I am skeptical.

But if it creates midi, you can not see where this comes from, human or AI? There will be no watermark? I am not writing any HCTS I am discussing music making in regards to AI.

I hope you are right. I dont know the future, no one does. But AI can do fantastic things with images and video, it tricks you, imitates emotions, even love. Do you see my point here, in the future no one knows if a song is AI or human, this will be catastrophic if you really makes good human music? Maybe all your colleagues uses AI and makes a ton of success on radio and streaming, and no one wants to hear your songs that you have been working hard with without AI…

Yes, its the very same jokers

MIDI or not, ultimately the product must be audio. If AI is trained to do this (and this is currently happening), it will be able to analyze AI-generated, intrinsic structures in an audio file without the need for any kind of marker (e.g. watermarking).

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But you make the audio file yourself, you only get midi from the AI? So how can you trace that the audio comes from AI-midi? That is imposssible?

It’s quite possible, it just depends on what the AI is trained for. Each type of production has its own individual features, which aren’t only contained in the obviously audible, but also in the hidden details of the audio data. Once trained, the AI finds it like a sniffer dog.

E.g., French audio technology company Ircam Amplify has launched a tool that can identify music created with AI. This tool, called AI-Generated Detector, is aimed at record labels, publishers, copyright organizations, distributors and music streaming platforms. Ircam Amplify claims: “It can scan up to 5,000 music tracks in less than a minute with an accuracy of 98.5%.”

R. Simiand, CPO at Ircam Amplify: “Leveraging our expertise in Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and audio AI, we trained a specialized algorithm via a deep neural network on both human-created and publicly available AI-generated music datasets. The recognition training turned out to be so specific to each model that we were able to specify which model was used to generate the tracks.”

Also, a whole range of content providers (TikTok, Deezer, YouTube…) are in the development of tools for recognizing generative AI-based music (resp. content). And that’s just the beginning! Soon it will be possible for anyone to upload an audio file to a website and find out whether (or to what degree) it is AI-generated music, reliably.

So, on the one hand, this is purely a technical matter today, though quite advanced and incredibly fast. On the other hand, legal regulations aren’t yet in place because they’re made by humans, and that, as always, takes time.

After all, humans, not machines, should decide what’s allowed and what’s forbidden. I’d think that there’ll be a transitional phase in which the proof will already be technically possible, but not yet legally relevant.


That sounds great, thanx. Maybe I will sleep better now. But its a risc that later versions of AI will circumvent this, I guess it will be a war between these two types of softwares. Its very nice to hear that this problem is being addressed


It’ll always be a game of :cat2: and :mouse2:, right, but that’s how the world works.

Who will care in the future whether the music they tap their foot to is AI- or human- generated?

Who cares today whether someone skillfully used EZ drummer loops or hired a live drummer? Or used Izotope Neutron AI- mixing or hired a human to mix?

Who cares? Lawyers, judges, politicians (perhaps), business people (certainly). The difference is whether it’s about (a lot of) money, i.e. the copyright for composition, lyrics and arrangement. Instrumentalists, engineers, even some singers are often just paid people and can be replaced by machines as needed, nobody really cares.

Based on Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s recent statement about “the cost of creating content being close to zero” (which is unfortunately true in relative terms, compared to his company’s profits) we can infer that the “music industry” places no value on musicians or their skills any more; with AI, musicians are now at best an unnecessary business expense.

Much of the world’s energy will be used up training legal LLMs to build lawsuits against generative AI models for copyright infringement, and any remaining electricity will go to mining the cryptocurrency with which to pay the compensation.

In tens of thousands of years, a few of our mutant descendents will appear from the mists of the nuclear winter and one will tap a rhythm on a human skull while another blows through a hollowed-out bone.

A third one, talentless and devious, looks on enviously; and so it will start, all over again.

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What, too bleak? It’s gone very quiet over here … :thinking:

The AI robots got offended :wink:

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