AI knob and rewire

Suppose I am using Reason or Ableton in REwire mode with Cubase as the host.
if I get the CMC AI - will the knob have any useful function for the REiwre apps.

CAn I hover the mouse over a virtual knob or fader in REASON and control it with the AI knob?

Even I am looking for similar answer. It’s been 10 months you’ve posted but no reply yet here. Did you find any answer or experiences? I am looking for a small control surface below 500$ that can also work for rewire apps as well. What about Euphonix MC transport and Behringer BCR2000?

Any suggestions please reply what ever you know.

Thanks in advance

did not get it yet but I think I will get teh cc 121 - not a perfect solution as it wont control Rewire apps,

but the idea of the AI knob is very appealing and something I would like to try - seems to be a huge workflow enhancement

Hello Funkstone,

No, unfortunately you can’t control Reason using the AI knob.

Hello! I know this is an old topic and its been a year since the last replay in it but I just picked up the AI Controller recently and figured that other users may be interested in this: YOU CAN control rewire apps with the AI Controller (although not directly!) by assigning Quick Controls to different parameters in the rewire application! Then simply hover your mouse over the Quick Control with assigned parameter you want to control and voila - the AI knob controls them now :slight_smile:! Note that the easiest way to control the Quick Controls is by hovering your mouse pointer right over their parameter number (in the right in the quick control slot!), anywhere else over it would be kind of tricky to find the sweet spot for the mouse as these slots are not so big at all!!! I realize that this is a workaround and it will take some time to find exactly what you want to control in the long list with parameters for each quick control (especially with bigger instruments!!!) but it does the job anyway! Even so, once you have set your project with all parameters assigned to the quick controls it will be a breeze to control them then in real time :slight_smile:!!! You may also need to set more then one midi track per instrument if it is a big one, since each midi track offers only eight quick controls for eight parameters!!!