AI knob doesn't work on Steinberg Plugins

Using Cubase Pro 10.0.50 build 301 on Windows 10 OS version 20H2 (build 19042.685)
with Yamaha USB MIDI Driver and Steinberg CC121 Extension 64bit ver 1.7.7.

CC121 works correctly in all fileds except AI knob. AI knob work fine on mikser controls as Paner, send level control or faders. But in standard EQ Frequency from Steinberg it is almost impossible to control any knob (Freq, Q, Gain). One of ten attempt to place mouse pointer somewhere on the knob gives control over AI knob.
Is it possible to fix?

After installing Cubase Pro version 11 AI knob work precisely on all Steinberg plugins. I believe that Cubase 10 and CC121 Extension ver 1.7.7. are not compatible in AI knob area. I’ll test Cubase 10 version vith previous version of CC121 Extension to prove that. In meanwhile I am happy with my CC121 AI knob functionalities and Cubase 11.

thanks for the update