AI Knob is too slow and too rough

I need constant access to the Waves L1 plugin (Threshold ) in the DOP. Technically it all works - but the AI ​​Knob regulates the values ​​very roughly in large jumps. And I can have a cup of coffee before my change is updated. If I do the same thing with a mouse or keyboard (up and down keys) the values of the L1 are changed in real time. You turn the AI Knob of the CC121 - and only after a cup of coffee does the value change.
Is there a workaround for the delayed response and giant steps?

There was a firmware update a (long) while back which improved the response of some of the knobs. Not sure if it did anything for AI but it did certainly improve the response in EQ section. Might be worth checking firmware version?

Here I’ve noticed that the the AI knob works better with some things than others, especially with 3rd party plugins. Don’t recall trying it use it with the L1 though.

Thank you. Firmware is up to date.
As I can see, the problem is only with the plugins in the direct offline processing. It was probably never intended that someone would subsequently change values ​​from plugins in the DOP with the CC121.

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