AI& MP3 encoder upgrade or Cubase 7?

I have just installed AI7. I believe I only have a trial of MP3 encoder installed which runs out middle of March. I could also upgrade to Cubase 7 but I don’t know whether I would need to purchase an MP3 encoder for that as well, or is it included?

A Cubase 7 license (full) would include unlimited MP3 exports. Not sure if you can still buy an upgrade from AI7 to C7.

Ahh, Just realised its an upgrade to Elements 7. It doesn’t mention MP3 Encoder included on Steinberg Site that I can see.

Only Pro comes with unlimited MP3 exports.

I upgraded the encoder to unlimited which worked fine.
I have recently been given the opportunity to upgrade to Elememts 8, due to falling in the grace period, and now find I have unlimited MP3 encoder anyway. A bit unfair I think.