AI singing on Youtube, its scary

I saw this today, it’s an explosion now. The big question for me is; Will this replace human singers? Will the audience take this to their hearts? If yes, the music industry will be almost completely AI-powered in the near future, it’s so much faster and cheaper to use AI. Anyone can make a hit song from scratch just on their cellphone. That’s how I feel. It’s very depressing.


I’m concerned about this development as well. I once read that even at the introduction of the printing press, it was said that it’s bad for the brain because people no longer need to remember anything and can just look everything up. That pattern repeated with all innovations, yet somehow things kept moving forward. But what’s happening now with artificial intelligence really gives one pause. I can imagine it could have a significant impact and affect many or all creative professions. The point is, professional music productions are expensive, and people might not care as much if it can be done so cheaply. It can’t be that decades of honing one’s craft are simply negated like this. There should be clear labeling for AI-generated music, graphics, etc., perhaps even legislation to enforce it. Just my humble opinion…


Music created by computers should for computers listen.


Scary and depressing? No. It’s boring! It is as boring as all globalized pop music which sounds and looks like an AI product already now. If this part of the “music industry” dies, I won’t regret :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m definitely happy with this twist that AI can give to the music industry. Finally, to make valuable music, all the mediocre producers and artists who make imitations of existing material will be put aside. Those who offer new, surprising music, refined harmonies and original styles of expression will be at an advantage.
For too long the market has been saturated with producers and “musicians” who barely know music. Well, these here are completely replaceable with AI.


Moreover, I have noticed that ACE Studio is a Chinese product, however, I cannot find any mention of the training data (vocal recordings) used to build the model. And it had to be a huge volume of vocal recordings paired with their lyrics! So, copyright infringement questions come to my mind… Did they mine Spotify?

So, yes, maybe you are right. It is scary!

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No, it’s not really,

I used AI to train an actual vocalist. The AI vocals were boring and difficult to get them to do what I wanted, and when the real vocalist sung the song, the transformation was incredible. Still, if AI vox were good, I would still use a real vocalist.

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Yes I saw a similar video about AI generated music this weekend too and it made me fearful for having a job too! The purists and musicians here will say it’ll never replace real music by real people but I’ve heard that argument before about physical product (CD etc) and music streaming and look where we are now.

Consumers don’t necessarily care HOW its coming out of the speakers as long as it is.
Film makers and library music people may be the first to jump on this as there will be no royalties to pay. Spotify will be flooded with these instantly generated tracks .

I’m not sure why AI has to come for musicians first up though!


I totally agree with that. The question perhaps is how good artificial intelligence can become. I think nobody knows that, as it’s still very much in its infancy.

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Yes, but you can not possibly see if a song is made with AI or not, its not possible? The AI can make midi for you so that is plain impossible to track? The process of replacing artists is already happening, in Sweden we have a many fashion agencies that have kicked out their photographers, you can just make photorealistic images with AI, you don’t need models either.

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But the AI can make music as good as The Beatles, Mozart. It’s just a matter of time. People will prefer that to what humans make?

But AI will replace all? Its not difficult for AI to make music of very high quality soon, look at the art pieces AI make now?

If you have the time and money…

I agree 100%. Its money, a lot of money if you don’t need vocalists. The AI can also become as good as Whitney Houston, Maria Carrey, they will be more popular than human voices.

Yes, but look what AI can do already with images, video clips, there seems to be no end to the possibilities. I think future is very, very dark, of course I hope that human music and voices will be more popular still, but I doubt that

This isn’t totally correct. It’s actually quite expensive to use AI for this stuff. Folks wouldn’t do it if they had to pay the real costs. The only reason it seems cheap is because corporations with huge deep pockets (Microsoft, Alphabet, etc.) subsidize it. They do this for two main reasons. 1) The AI improves with increased interaction, so the subsidy is partially paying for additional development. 2) They are providing subsidized access to increase market size much like how Amazon lost money for ages in order to increase their market size. This subsidized availability will not last forever. Even now we’re seeing premium packages for those willing to pay for more specialized needs.

Close, but you’re a few years off. This was about the introduction of writing. Socrates was a big player for Team Illiteracy.

It appears that AI took Shakespeare’s advice and came for the lawyers first…


whenever something is being forced down your throats you know that it’s not good for the majority of people. Just look at how AI is being added to everything. I just read an article where Microsoft will be grading computers and giving a failing mark to those who cannot run AI applications. AI is not to help the masses, it’s for the few and just one more way to suck all of the funds to the top tier (elites). I just hate the entire idea of it. Just wait until it becomes the “god” of things whereas if AI says it, it cannot be disputed.

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They’ve been doing that for decades to determine if a computer could support new Windows releases. Come to think of it even Cubase does something similar too… Now what do they call it? Let me think…? Oh yeah, they call it a minimum spec

A lot of folks here sure are scaring themselves silly with imaginary monsters of their own invention.

Also hopefully everyone is aware that the marketing folks are sticking the “AI” label onto anything & everything with even the most tangential connection to it. I’m expecting AI powered Potato Chips any day now. But then that leads to the natural dilemma - do I eat the chips now or hold out in the hope that some Cheetos come along and we can overthrow our robot overlords.

Probably go with the chips…


The ‘AI’ marketing term is overused for sure right now - usedas a way to make a product appear more sophisticated.

But as per the OT post - the future of how music is made is moving into a new era of unknown, that’s for certain.

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It is rather disconcerting in some regard. I think it will force artists and musicians to become even more creative. I produce music videos with my original music and lyrics. I will use AI to produce images for my videos from the information I provide, but that’s about as far as I’ll take it. AI is great for technical questions and references. It’s like having a source of universal knowledge at your fingertips. I recommend not relying on it for the creative aspects of your trade.