AI to analyze the drum / percussion audio loop

I hope to benefit from artificial intelligence to analyze a drum / percussion audio loop and convert it to midi for use in Groove agent or any other VSTi

Most drum libraries use the GM system in arranging drum kits
AI can be taught to distinguish between all types of drum / percussion kits and reclassify them to the correct place in the GM system

Or, for example, make it more complicated
By allowing the AI to analyze the audio loop then analyze the VSTi Drum kits then sort the midi notes to match the VSTi kits

Or make it simpler “manually”
The AI analyzes the audio drum loop and can at least differentiate between beats then place each different beat / kit type to a specific Note / Key… even if the dynamics are different for the same kit… .so it automatically sorts all the kick beats on a specific Key…Snare on another piano roll key… etc
Then we can manually edit it the midi part > move the notes on each key to match our own Vsti library.

Have you looked at XO?

I don’t have it, but I’ve been thinking maybe going there.

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Thank you for your response ranio :rose:
I am talking about convert drum loop to midi event
Something like Variaudio but more advanced… To analyze drum loops and convert it to midi map soooo then you can use your drum vsti/ library to play the same loop using different drum kit or just to make it easy to editable

Variaudio can’t convert drums loops to midi as well.

UVI’s Drum Replacer can do this.

It was originally designed to load a VST within it and then, through the use of settings, it will use a loop to trigger sounds in the VST. However, it also has an updated feature that allows you to send MIDI out. I have it and I’ve used it but I have not used the MIDI out feature.

New! MIDI Recording of triggered output (available via drag-and-drop)
New! Trigger MIDI Output, with customizable note and channel

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Have you checked the Toontrack Superior Drummer 3?

It has a section called “Tracker” where you can drag and drop audio drum files and analyze and extract the various drum kit parts. I own it and it works well for me.

More information here:

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Thank you very much
I took a look at this plugin, It’s really good but it’s intended for use in separate drum tracks, In addition, it relies on a manual threshold to tell it the location of each hit / kick
So not exactly what I want :slight_smile:
Chord track
They both can analyze the audio files and convert them to midi/chord pads
Why isn’t there a similar feature for drums?
Artificial intelligence must be exploited to make it able to distinguish between all rhythmic beats, then make it to analyze any drum loop and convert it into a GM midi track … Not just for drums … but for all percussion instruments.

I’ll take a look at it and come back :pray:

Variaudio is using FFT to understand pitch information, in addition to AI or Machine Learning. Drum Replacer doesn’t use FFT because it doesn’t analyze pitch information.

It gives you the option of using the threshold feature in order to decide the nuance and precision of the drum hit timing. It can be and should be an aesthetic choice.

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Thank you estevancarlos
So…does my request still make sense or not? I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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You need spectral layers my friend! You can ‘unmix’ a song and then unmix the drums. It’s quite unreal actually and the best part is it works as an extension within cubase. Send ,
track if you like and I’ll send you back a session of the kind of output you can get

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I may not fully understand your request. Sorry.

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No, I am not talk about spectral layers from songs
There are thousands of drum loops you can find online recorded by professional drummers
Why isn’t there a program or feature inside Cubase that relies on artificial intelligence to convert it to midi so that it allows music production to try different samples make precise adjustments or send the kick drum to a separate track to process it alone, and the same thing with snare and hihat … etc? I don’t think the idea is that complicated :slight_smile:

There are many programs that have begun to rely on artificial intelligence and have done things that are more difficult than this

for example:

No problem, maybe due to the language barrier, sorry. :slight_smile: