AI4 Keyboard recording problem

Hi all.

I’m looking to compose and arrange music in Cubase by recording from my keyboard through a USB cable into Cubase, but I’m having some problems using virtual instruments.

I’m working with Cubase AI4 and my keyboard is a Casio WK-3700.
I’ve already set all the correct MIDI settings on my keyboard (according to the handbook).

I create a MIDI track with my keyboard as the input. With record enable on, I hit record and play a scale. But when I play it back, rather than it sounding like a normal ascending scale, some notes double up, some get skipped, some turn sharp.

Basically, I can record and listen back to the recording, but it doesn’t sound like what I’ve played.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Look to the MIDI timing link in my sig.

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate your time.

I tried all the various steps in the link to try and fix it (like downloading latest Direct X, moving the “enableemulated” and “ignoreportfilter” files, checking the “use system timestamp” box in the device setup…) but I’ve still got the same problem. Any other tips?