AI4 Reactivation

Yesterday I reinstalled Windows 7. After successfull instalation of eLCC, I couldn’t copy my new seL number upon EDIT->copy soft-elicenser serialnumber menu in eLCC, because its notactive (gray). This step described in reactivation tutorial. What should I do to find new serial number for seL section in eLCC?

Watch this video over and over.

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Not exactly what i needed but you throwed me into the right direction.
Problem solved. The main key is a order.
After reinstalling OS, first of all install AI4 from DVD and old! LCC (don’t install any new version of LCC) obtained by DVD.
In the installed old LCC will be the new serial number needed for reactivation process.

hey, I’m a new member of Steinberg forum. I’m wondering why my license no longer works. It continuously tells me that my license is no longer valid because it has expired. I tried to use the “validate License” button, but it just comes up with the same message. I had Cubase AI4 on my old computer, which had windows XP. It crashed, so I ended up buying a new computer with Windows 7 on it. When I tried to reactivate cubase, this whole @%^@#$^ stuff started happening. Do any of you know anything about this? where could I get a new License?

There’s a soft e-licenser FAQ at the top of the forum. Follow the links from there, there is a step by step instruction for how to obtain a new licence.

I’ve been in contact with stainberg for about a week now, but could you explain exactly where that is? I looked in the FAQ, but what you described I couldn’t find there.

Yeah, I have the latest e-licenser on my computer. I’ve also tried using the “enter activation code” option, but it gives me the same message about my license being invalid blah blah blah. I’m really confused right now, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for a reply from steinberg.

You don’t want the latest eLicenser, you need to get the new# off the LCC that’s first installed to use at My Steinberg. If you still have issues, send an email to with re-auth in the title explaining the issue.