AI5 help

Hello all.

Just in need of some infomation regarding cubase AI5

I had cubaseAI5 on my desktop pc but was having big problems regarding the usb inputs (all of them on my pc)
i tried for days and days to get it working with my mox synth, anyway after i posted on motifater forums thay told me to test it on another pc, so i perchased a laptop, now i am just wondering…i already have cubaseAI5 on my desktop pc, and i need to put it on my laptop, will there be a problem with having it on 2 computers?
or do i need to buy another license.

Thank you

A license can only be present on one e-licenser at a time.
Your desktop has a soft e-licenser, as does your laptop.
In order to use Cubase AI5 on your laptop, you’d have to transfer (reactivate) the license to your laptop.
However, you couldn’t use Cubase AI5 on your desktop then.

There are two possible courses of action:

  1. Purchase another license, (keeping in mind that AI licenses cannot be purchased, they’re only bundled with Yamaha or Steinberg hardware) this option would run you around $100.


  1. Purchase a USB e-licesner for about $30.

Option 2 would allow you to transfer your license to the USB e-licesnser. You could then plug the dongle into the computer you wished to use Cubase on. However, you can only use Cubase (with that license) on one computer at a time.

New license? Maybe, but Cubase will only permenently license one machine at a time.