AI6 Download Code invalid or used

Greetings All,

I just got 4 CMC controllers, registered them and I’m trying to get Cubase AI 6 but no matter which Download Access Code I type in on MySteinberg page it tells me that code is invalid or was used before. Controllers where packed originally so they couldn’t be used before.

I need this AI6 download as I ordered Cubase 7 upgrade and its on its way but it is going to be useless if I can’t install CUbase AI 6 first!

Did try all 4 codes, both - upper and lower case - and nothing.

Did anyone had this issue?

I registered the cmc-ai as per directions clicked on the download Cubase link only to keep getting “invalid access code or used already.” It’s a brand new product

I too been having the same problem, regitering my AI was no problem but my QC i get invalid Serial or already registered… bought new couple weeks ago…weird

any news?

any Idea?


I had the same message come up when trying to register my CMC-QC unit although 4 other units registered without a hitch. I’ve notified support service which is what I suggest you do as well.

That being said, I think there is some confusion by the OP.
Registering your product has nothing to do with downloading Cubase AI.
You’ve successfully registered other CMC units, and with each unit comes a software Activation key for installation of Cubase AI.
Use one of those keys, it doesn’t have to specifically be the key packaged with the CMC-AI - the “AI” designation of one has nothing to do with the “AI” designation of the other. :wink:

Just an update, a couple of days later I recieved an E-Mail from Georg Bruns at Steinberg informing me they had registered the product for me so it now shows up in my list of registered products.
Thanks Georg.

Just purchased CMC FD & TP but cant get AI-6 download to recognise the product codes. What’s the trick

ps to the above. when I try to complete the download I’m told my eLicencer is not valid. However, everything is ok on the computer Cubase 5 and groove agent both working fine.


Unfortunately I am not entirely sure if I understand your problem. Were you able to enter your Download Access Code in MySteinberg? It seems like you were able to download Cubase AI 6, right? What do you mean with completing the download? How did you enter the eLicenser?

Best wishes

Hi Fabian,

In MySteinberg both of the download codes (I have two CMCs) were not recognised and the system asked for my serial number (I guess this is the eLicense number). When I entered that I was given a ‘not valid’ message.



Hi Craig

Ah okay. If MySteinberg asks you for the serialnumber you actually have to enter the serial-number of your CMC-device and not the eLicenser-ID. I don’t have one at hand at the moment but I guess it is printed somewhere on the physical device. After you have entered the serial number of your CMC-device you will receive the download links and an activationcode.

Good to know that this leads to confusion. We will try to make it more comprehensible. Thanks.

If you’re still having trouble, just let me know.


i just registered a CMC-PD I’ve had for a while. I thought I had registered it, but it wasn’t listed in my account. I entered the access code for AI6 (which is what came with my CMC) and got an error message that it had been used with another hardware device. Since this is the card that came with my CMC, that I had NOT used, what gives, and what recourse do I have?

Please write me a PM With the Download Access Code and I will have a look in the database.

Best wishes

Thanks Fabian,

It’s sorted but I think the problem was that for some reason I needed to re-register my eLicenser with Steinberg. Great, and a nice surprise that I actually got AI 7 and not AI 6 as I was expecting :slight_smile:



Great, thanks for the feedback. Have fun with your Cubase AI 7. :slight_smile:

Oh, is this updated for any CMC controller I will buy now?

Yes, any CMC that you will register now with your Download Access Code will return Cuabse AI 7.

For what it is worth :
I had the same problem (error code) when trying to download cubaseai 7.
After trying many things, it appeared that I had two MySteinberg accounts (each with a different email address), and I tried to download from the account which has no elicenser registered. Passing to the other account solved the problem. Now, I would like to merge those two accounts, to avoid future problems. Is this possible ?


I have got the same problem with my cmc-pd. I cannot register the controller nor download Cubase AI (which is dongle-less so perfect for my notebook). The site states that the # included in the box does not exist. I opened a ticket to my Steinberg… Any help?
By the way mysteinberg site has problems with the latest version of IE, so I also tried to use chrome with no success.

I bought an audio interface Steinberg UR II. But the paper on which there was a download code acess I inadvertently lost. Is there a possibility to come back again to that number. Thank you in advance

It seems like you were able to download Cubase AI 6, right?