Air Music Technology plugins blacklisted

Air Music Technology plugins such as Velvet, Loom, Hybrid crashes Cubase 8 at start then blacklists it.
In 32 bit mode it won’t crash…
Cubase 7.5 they load fine.

After playing with Halion SE 2 I don’t really miss these plugins anyway.

If only I could get back all the money wasted on bad plugins…


Man, tell me about it. I’ve wasted over a thousand dollars on plugins I never use. I keep thinking that it will be nice to have some synth plugins on my laptop for when I am travelling. But for the most part they all suck compared to my hardware synths. So I now just use sample-based synth patches in Kontakt, HALion, and MachFive when I am working on my laptop.

Steinberg never gave AIR cubase 8 to test in.

No wonder they don’t work.

Their ‘The Riser’ plugin is working for me. I don’t have any other to try.

All Air plugins are working fine for me. See sig for specs.

What doesn’t help is the OP doesn’t mention his specs.

This looks like a mac issue.

I had a problem loading Transfuser at first but then one day I charged it and it suddenly appeared, and have been working since then. Don’t know why…another mystery solved!