AirPods 2. GENERATION only mono

Hello, I use AirPods for hearing my records on the iPhone neither ipad. It’s only in mono, you can’t change from mono to stereo. Sometimes it works but most of the time it’s not right. Did anyone this problem. It’s the recent version of Cubasis 3.
Thanks for our answer.

Hi @Uwe_Konigsfeld,

Thanks for your message, and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.
Please use the following steps to use Cubasis 3 with the AirPods:

  • Please connect your AirPods to the iPad
  • Launch Cubasis and go to Setup/Audio and enable “Bluetooth / AirPlay” by tapping the corresponding button
  • Please go to Setup/Project and choose (or reselect) the matching sample rate of your project.

On a side note:
Please note that connecting wireless headphones bring lots of system-related latency, which will make it hard to record instruments in real-time.

Does this helps to resolve your issue?
In addition, please note that using BT phones/speakers will be improved in the upcoming Cubasis update (which might take some time still until being ready).


Hello Lars,
thank you very much for your answer. I already had a similar idea and switched on the corresponding button for Bluetooth AirPlay. However, I noticed that the AirPods did not work properly straight away, but that I had to wait a little longer.
There is probably still some catching up to do here. I’m well aware that I can’t record latency-free with the Bluetooth headphones like I can with direct-connected headphones, but for listening on the train for the individual tracks it’s a good option instead of always putting on a big pair of headphones.
Thanks anyway for your reply and I hope there will be a fix for the Bluetooth connection soon. Many greetings


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Hi @Uwe_Konigsfeld,

Thanks for your updated message!

Please expect things to be more easier in the future in terms of using BT audio devices with Cubasis. As mentioned earlier, it might take still a while to the next one…

Stay well
& warm greetings!