Akai LPD8 MIDI remote script

MIDI remote script for the Akai LPD8 USB controller :slightly_smiling_face:

It has 2 pages:

This script assumes you’re using the default MIDI mapping with the LPD8:

Also opened a pull request to the Github repo :ok_hand:

Akai_LPD8.midiremote (3.9 KB)


when i import the script , it does not have button assignment’s and is just a blank template
how do you import all the buttons and key commands ?
also what is the button with the joined arrows?
how do you get the AI knob working ? i got a akai mpk249 keyboard
cheers for your time

This is just for the LPD8 I’m afraid - it won’t work with the MPK249.

yeh that makes sense i don’t see any AI knob , what is the double arrow button on the drum pads ?

The double arrow zooms out to the full length of the project (horizontally only):+1:

Thank you for creating this I’ve tried and failed so many times to create my own.
My LPD8 is finally fully functional and usable👍🏻