AKAI LPK25 MIDI Keyboard not working (Cubase 9.5/Win10 64 Bit)


I try to use Halion Sonic Se 3 with the AKAI LPK 25 Midi Keyboard.

There comes Midi- In Activity when a key on the keyboard is pressed. But there comes no sound.
In Halion Sonic Se 3 there comes sound when I press the keyboard keys inside Halion.
Also the MIdi Input sign (right next to the solo slot (S) button) flashes when the keybord keys inside Halion are pressed, but when the keys on the midi keyboard are pressed the light doesn’t flash.

I’ve setted the track to all midi inputs.
In preferences I already checked Midi-Through

Is there any setting I could check?

I solved it by myself.
The Map “Halion SOnic SE” must be selected in the Inspector.
Inspector Midi Map.png