AKAI mini MK2

So I recorded 4 bars with a Halion Sonic VST Instrument. I then tried to pitchbend the end of a note using the knob on the top-left side of the keyboard, but I can’t seem to find any place to edit that pitch bend? When I duplicate the 4-bar loop, the pitch of the duplicated 4 bar loop that comes afterwards are completely messed up? How do I fix or look into this?

You can edit that in almost any MIDI Editor in Cubase.

in the MIDI Editor, you need to “show used automation”. It’s probably showing velocity by default. If you click the little widgets at the bottom left of the CC area, you’ll see lots of options for displaying various CC data.

There is a preference for deciding what the default mode is for cut/paste of MIDI CC data. Go to the Preferences MIDI area.