Akai Mpc X

Hi !
Akai_MPC X.midiremote (9.5 KB)

Still in development . I use this panel for Orchestral Template with Vienna SYNCHRON-ized SE, EO and Audio Imperia Nucleus my pads for Expression Map C-2 to B-1 channel 1 no velocity and no Aftertouch on mpc software plugin and C0 C8 channel 10 Vel + Aftertouch. Knobs ch16 .
This script is based on Tracks Activate / Desactivate Select all Tracks without content , Folders with 50 Tracks in each and Switch Folders .

Page 2 based on Eq 4 from ChannelStrip need some Next Page button and put Comp / Gate / Tape…
FX routing too …

This midi remote try to keep same fonctions in same place.

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Page Eq Channel Strip

This is nice …can this be use without the software… i use my X in standalone but i use the Daw for mixing and soundsource…

Would be nice! but for now looking too for a solution when I try standalone no connection.
Need some help for start communication with midi remote.
I see and test the Ableton Live Control for Bitwig and the same guy made for Reaper too.

In standalone mode, the MPC has no way to communicate with the DAW unless you plug in MIDI cables.

Or you can plug in an ethernet cable and use the Network MIDI app that comes with the MPC. In that case, you use the “Akai MPC DAW” virtual MIDI ports in Cubase, and on the MPC you send stuff to the ‘Remote’ MIDI port to talk to the computer.

Yes i do connect via ethernet… looking for a script so i can use my qlinks to control parameters on vst’s and software…

Don’t work for me with Daw Control and remote ports need some script . For Audio ports you can try Dante Via (16 i/o) or Dante Soundcard (60 i/o) low latency Ethernet connection.