Akai MPD226 connection to cubase/nuendo

For all of you that trying to get cubendo to work with Akai MPD226 (I guess MPD218, MPD232 as well)

Like any other controller with Cubase/Nuendo, there is going to be some setup involved, but I’ll walk you through the process to start you off:

Set the External Clock Sync for Note Repeat:

  • Hit Global on the MPD

  • Use the right arrow to scroll over to “Clock Source”

  • Use scroll knob to switch Clock Source to “external”

  • In Cubase/Nuendo, find your Project Synchronization Setup under Transport

  • Under Midi Clock Destinations, check off your MPD

Transport/Control Setup

  • Select your Cubase Preset on your MPD

  • Hit “Edit” and any transport control and set your Transport Type to “Midi CC”

  • Go to Device Setup: Devices > Device Setup

  • Click on the “+” in the top right corner and add a “Generic Remote” as a new device

  • Click on “Generic Remote” under the Remote Devices and you’ll see the current mapping configuration, delete all current control mappings

  • Set your midi input as the first port for your MPD

  • Click “Add” for every control you would like to map, let’s say three for Play, Stop and Record, and you should see these added to your mapping windows

  • Rename them each accordingly in the upper window

  • Check off the “Learn” box, highlight the Play control line and hit the play button on your MPD, you should see the address change to the current message being sent by your MPD play button appear in the upper window

  • Repeat for stop, record and any other controls you would like to map

  • Click under the “Flags” column for each line and select “Receive” and “Transmit”

  • Each control line will be mirrored in the window below, this is where we tell Cubase how to assign the learned controls

  • For your transport controls, you’ll want to select “transport” under Device and find the corresponding action under the Value/Action column

  • For controls like the faders and knobs, you’ll want to select “Mixer” under Device

  • in the Flags column, check off “Push Button” and “Toggle” for each control line

  • Hit Apply when you are finished

and that’s it!

If you are still having trouble, check out this video for generic controller mapping in Cubase that I’m sure will help:

Mapping a Controller in Cubase

Any update on this for Cubase 10? I can’t get my MPD226 to work in Cubase. In LogicX, its just plug and play - it all works just by connecting the USB. But in Cubase its a really head scratcher (read: ache)