Akai MPD232 Transport control

I have set up my MPD232 with Cubase Artist 11, using the cubase preset programme, with transport set to send MMC /Midi. All midi implementation is functioning normally, except the transport control buttons. They do not operate the transport start/stop/record in cubase, and pressing the controller buttons does not appear to be registered as a midi input, and cannot be learned in the generic remote device setup window. I have been able to achieve this in mpc essentials and mpc beats, so the controls do work. Please can anyone advise on any specific known issues with cubase and how to resolve?

Is it possible that the transport buttons are on a different MIDI port to your other mappings? Each remote device entry can only use one MIDI port. Ideally if you’re using the generic remote device then you want your hardware set to MIDI CC mode, much easier to manage.

Open up a MIDI Monitor in an instrument track (MIDI Inserts section) and see what messages are sent would be a good start:-

You can flick through the MIDI ports using the input selector on the track, if you flick through the specific ports as you press them you’ll see what Cubase is receiving.

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Solved - thank you!
Indeed, changing output to midi cc was the answer. Thanks also for highlighting the midi monitor insert, of which I was not previously aware. I changed the output To CC and was then able to identify the transport control addresses (ch1 - 17, 18 & 19) and map accordingly in generic remote - a 5 minute job after hours of aimless tinkering! Thanks again @skijumptoes for a great reply.

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