Akai MPK Mini MK2 Midi Mapping (pads not working at all)

hi guys,

i have a problem getting my pads on the MPK Mini MK2 to work for the new Midi Remote thing.
Anybody else have this?

They send out midi in Cubase, i can turn on the midi the pads play notes.
If i switch to the script the bottons work in the editor, but not in actual Cubase project.
It doesnt matter what function i bind to the controller pads, then dont work in Cubase.

I want to use them, to toggle EQ etc

I threw the MPK in the corner of the studio and connected my APC40…

All is well now, this works as aspected!


Hi, did you resolve this at all? I have the same issue with Akai MPK Mini Mk3

I was just trying to figure out this with my Mk3 and found that if I enable the ‘CC’ button in the top right of the controller, it enables the pads.

Ta, Chris

yes, you have to enable that :slight_smile:

mine was just broken or something, i dropped it too many time on the airport :stuck_out_tongue: