AKAI MPK MKIII Pads not working

I have my Akai MPK Mini Mk3 connected to Cubase Pro 12, and the keys are working but the pads are not.

I originally thought maybe it had something to do with this new MIDI Remote feature so I disabled the script. Now I can at least see that both Cubase and my VSTs are receiving the MIDI signal (I’m using Superior Drummer 3 and Groove Agent), but for some reason it still doesn’t trigger any note/sound. What’s particularly puzzling, is that you can see the animation of the snare being hit in Superior but there is no sound, yet when I do it on the keyboard, I get both the animation and the sound.

You can create an empty MIDI track and record the pads there. Just to see what Cubase receives. Check if the notes are the same that are assigned to the sound in GA or SD3.
Another thing could be that you have enabled the CC button on the Akai. Then the pads will send CC instead of notes.

Thanks for the suggestions. Oddly enough, I just reopened Cubase and it’s working fine now. No idea what changed, other than having opened Pro Tools in the meantime to see if it worked there, which it did. Very strange, as this has been a problem for awhile, and now it’s just suddenly working… :man_shrugging:t2: