Akai MPK225 Midi Controller - where did it go?

AKAI MPK225 keyboard used to be listed in the midi controllers section in cubase 12 pro. It was removed apparently and I just purchased this controller for use EXCLUSIVELY in Cubase 12 pro… so I am going to return it unless… there is hope…

Can someone please provide me with the old midi controller file (export their from older version?)
Can Steinberg bring back the MPK225 to the list… because I feel a bit depressed … I thought I was getting what I needed, but instead I got something I cant seem to fully use?

Please let me know what I should do in this case?
Thank you all… love Cubase, feeling a bit like making music with my new MPK225 but like I cant find the script… am I missing something? I swear it was there…

thanks for the help in advance!

The MPK249 is there … I don’t recall seeing the MPK225 specifically listed.

Yes, but wasn’t the 225 there?
I got most of the functions I wanted thru the midi device controller setup - but the reverse button won’t work. I am concerned I have a faulty unit…long story. Anyway the joys of making music .

Have a great day!

Mark, or anyone? I’ve been looking for a while too for the Cubase AKAImpk225 midi remote.
Still can’t find it, Did you find it somewhere available?


Still have not found one- and my version which I created is not exactly working as expected - I need help pls :wink:
Mark and Stella the dog :dog: