Akai MPK225 to control Cubase?


Im just wondering if its possible to control Cubase like when in the Mixer using any kind of hardware? I do own a midi controller called Akai MPK225 but I dont understand what to do to be able to control an EQ plugin or whatever? Kind of sick of using the very inaccurate mouse to do that when the Akai has perfect kmobs for all that mixing…


If the device supports Mackie Control Protocol, then it’s easy. Use it. If not, you can use Generic Remote Device, which is not as flexible as Mackie Control, or you can use Quick Controls.

There’s actually a setting in the MPK2xx models dedicated to mapping the pads, knobs and sliders to the Cubase parameters - I bought an MPK261 last spring to replace my dead Novation keyboard and it set up beautifully. There will be some tweezing you’ll need within Cubase to get the two talking properly.

Here’s Akai’s official guide for setting up an MPK with Cubase http://www.akaipro.com/support/kb/articles/akai-mpk2-series---setup-in-steinberg-cubase

Hi, haven’t tried this but here is a link to a video to setup MPK261 under Cubase Pro 9.5: https://youtu.be/SS6hlvcidA0