Akai MPK261 Setup

Hi Folks, BRAND NEW to audio production, so feel free to overexplain. Drinking from a firehose just learning how to get things set up so I can BEGIN recording music. Its been pretty humbling and frustrating, but I am resolved not to quit!

Current issue is getting my AKAI MPK261 to “talk” to Cubase. I had an earlier post on a similar topic, then wasnt able to continue for a few months and when I came back to restart, something had changed and I couldnt figure out how to get the akai working again. I have done lots of searching on this forum and elsewhere online. Tried lots of fiddly things, restarting and updating drivers, etc.

The keyboard is set to the Cubase preset.

Here’s where I stand.

Studio Setup of Midi Ports is as shown below:

Midi Remote Manager looks like this:

It seems like the faders and knobs, transport controls, drum pads, pitch/mod wheels and basically everything above the keys is recognized and “lights” up the schematic in the Remote Manager. But not the keyboard keys.

Halion Sonic7 seems to know I only have 61 keys by the way the keyboard is greyed out at the ends, but it isnt showing input from any of the keys, pads or pitch modulation wheels.

I’m sure there are just some big holes in my knowledge that are keeping me from knowing how to set up and configure all this properly, and I would welcome anyone who already has this figured out and is willing to help me out. Thanks in advance!

Forgot to mention, I am in Cubase Elements and have my virtual instrument channel set up as shown below:

One other strange thing I noticed - when I press keys on my keyboard, a yellow light shows up on channel 10 in Halion Sonic and an orange light shows at the top of the window - like its getting input somehow. No other response obvious in the interface, but that seems like an interesting ray of hope…:wink:

Hi, change the MPK261 (this is used for remote control) at the Routing section, just under the “Halion Sonic” header (Inspector tab), to “All MIDI Inputs”.
At the same time, just to be better, uncheck the In ‘All MIDI Inputs’ checkbox from the MIDI Port MPK261.

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot now and let you know how it worked.

Here’s the change I made for the first one:

Here’s the second change:

Did I get that right? Ok, here’s the weird thing…
When I add a “Program” (check my terminology - I just mean I dragged something over from the mediabay and am calling that something a “program” which I believe is how its labeled) to channel 10, I hear a response to my inputs and see the keyboard schematic on the screen respond as it should, but I cant seem to get a response to register on channel 1 where I have a drum kit set up. How can I get channel 1 in Halion Sonic7 to register my keyboard inputs?

Here’s what it looks like now:

Nope, this is for the channel number. Change the comboBox above from “MPK261” to “All MIDI Inputs”.

Thanks m.c, when I made that change, I was unable to get any more sound out of ch10 on Halion Sonic7 (HS7 from now on ;)).

Here is what it looks like now:

You may want to try changing Channel 1 (under “Halion Drums”) to Channel 10.

Did that, but didnt seem to change anything for me. I’m really not clear what all those references to “channel” are. There are a lot of references to “channel” in cubase, and I am not sure they are all referring to the same “channels”, so that’s confusing.

It would be amazing if someone could start with a new project and walk me through the steps of creating a VST track, connecting my MPK to the studio and then the track, and using it in HS7 with some commentary on what all the basic controls are. I dont need to get into the weeds on every little thing you can click, just the basics. Not sure if anyone has the time or expertise to help with that, but its clear that I am missing some important things and after trying to figure it out myself for a few days, I know I wont get much farther without asking for help.