Akai MPK88 a few questions


I’ve just bought CA6 and an MPK88. So far so good, though I do have a few questions. I’m hoping that someone will be able to point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

First; I’ve noticed in the Midi device section there is a list of devices that can be installed. Is there some kind of patch for the MPK88?

Second, how do I make the Midi outputs to the controller active?

Third (and last), is it possible to send patch or parameter names that are being edited to the screen on the controller? Unfortunately, I am not able to look at the computer and the controller at the same time.

Thanks for reading!


Er, anyone got any ideas please?

No, not from Steinberg, you can make your own with “Generic Remote” though. Or maybe search the net for some xml’s

They should be active, what do you want to send to the controller?

As far as I know the MPK isn’t fully bidirectional. So unfortunately this isn’t possible.

Hi Niles,

Thanks for the reply. I thought it was going to be just me and the tumbleweeds for a while there :slight_smile:

As far as the midi outputs are concerned - I was hoping that if I could activate them then I could send the patch info to the MPK. In the devices menu the outputs were blank. Funnily enough, Port 2 is now active although I didn’t change anything.

Thanks again for your help.