Alchemy Player

I downloaded the Alchemy player. I unzipped it, installed it etc. Why isn’t it showing up in Cubase?

The folder that the plugin is in isn’t in Cubase’s list of plugin folders?

No, when I go to Plug-ins in Devices I try hitting all the update buttons but nothing shows up.
I try opening instrument track or VST instruments and it’s not there. When I mess with the file it says that Pro-Tools is supposed to open it!?!?! :confused:
I’m flabbergasted.

You have to tell Cubase where the plugin is located.

Yes, Thanks alot! :smiley: I told Cubase where to look. It works now. Great response Shinta. Thanks.

That’s actually what I meant the in my first post.

Guess I didn’t word it properly. :blush:

No it isn’t your fault, I’m just very new to all of this. I had to go into that section and browse for the Program File and include it in the places Cubase looks for plug-ins. :slight_smile: