Alesis Core 1 with Cubase LE 8

Hello guys
I am new to the use of these software, and may have over looked something, but as much as i try, i cant get the Cubase software to use my Alesis Core 1 as input
I cant find how to do it, it keeps trying to use my headphones mic, and i just cant find Alesis Core 1 on any menu
I am on Windows 10 if that matters

I will really love some help, messing with these for the last week or so, and its really becoming a pain, cant even find any issue as so anywhere
And as the software comes with the Core 1 i assume it needs to work with it?
I have the Core 1 set as my defult device, and i can hear my self just fine, but cant use it inside of the Cubase software

Thanks for any insight guys :slight_smile: