Alesis dm6 express and cubase ai4

I bought my son a set of Alesis DM6 Express Electric drums. The problem is we can’t figure out how to conenct hem to Cubase so we can record, use the drums sounds within Cubase, etc.
We can connect to the computer with a usb cable. Then what? I’ve tried to follow the manual to no avail.

The USB connection is just for MIDI. You need to connect the audio outputs of the drum module to the inputs of an ASIO compliant soundcard connected or installed on your computer. You then need to add and monitor enable an audio track in Cubase set to the inputs of the interface you use to connect the drums.

The DM6 Express kit is supposed to midi trigger i thought…so shouldn’t the usb cable work?

It will if you use it to trigger a VSTi loaded in Cubase but not if you want to use the sounds of the kit’s module. MIDI is just data, no audio.

You need to load a drum VSTi on an instrument track in Cubase and select the kit’s MIDI in as the input of that track. You also need to monitor-enable that track to get audio.

I can’t seem to get cubase to recognize the midi signal from the drums

Can you see the MIDI port for the drum in Cubase? You need to turn on the drum module before opening Cubase or Cubase won’t see it. Once it appears in Device Setup-MIDI Port Configuration, it will be available on the Input window of the Instrument track.

The Getting Started manual covers setting up MIDI.

I don’t see the midi port for the drums in Cubase. I turned them on set the midi on the drums then started cubase but no luck.

When you plugged in the USB cable did Windows go through Found New Hardware Wizard? Are there drivers that need to be installed? Post a screenshot of MIDI Port Config…