Alesis drum kit sensitive cymbals


Bought a Alesis Turbo Mesh kit. When I plug it into cubase, and hit the kick and snare a decent hit, midi velocity comes in at around 100-127. When I do the same strength of hit on the hat, cymbal or ride it comes in around 30. So of course the drums sound awful (as a VST). Even when I strike the hats/crash/ride REALLY hard it comes in around 50-60. (No the kit is not broke, the cables are in right etc)

Now because the Alesis kit is the basic model, there is no way to change sensitivity on the cymbals. When I connect the kit directly to speakers the cymbals and hats are fine. Volume wise.

Here is my question. On cubase, is there a way to: on a specific midi instrument, or virtual instrument. If NOTE C# on the middle octave is hit (hat/crash/ride), to boost its velocity by say 50 points?

I know you’re going to ask, Can’t you just turn the volume of the hats and cymbals up on the VST? I can, but the hits sound like WEAK/meek hits turned up. If you know what I mean.

Is there a way to boost specific midi notes on a vst, as a play them live (I’m not talking about after a recording is made, and using the note editor).



I wonder whether you could do this with a midi modifier. Well, that is, if you have a separate midi channel from the cymbals and hats. The midi modifier can be found in the relevant channel settings window and I think the necessary setting is the second one down - Velocity Shift.

I hope that helps

I’ll give that a try later this evening (after work). Thanks silhouette.

Why not use the logical editor. You can define the note numbers you want to increase the velocity on. No need to put on separate midi channels and you can save as a preset.

Good point. I might have guessed there was an easier way. Having not done this before perhaps a little explanation please?

I haven’t used it for quite some years but it allows you the match parameters you set and then apply a modification (as well as a lot more) so you would match note numbers and set a modify to how much you wanted to increase velocity. I haven’t checked but you maybe able to do an OR function with the note numbers so it will do it on all of them. Maybe someone else could help out here as I know it can do it but has change a lot since I last used it.

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